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Former tannery subject of heated city council meeting in the 1970s

November 2, 2012 1 comment

Hello there!  We had a successful project kickoff and have numerous events planned for the upcoming months.  Plus, the website is up and fully functioning.

One of our first submissions is an illuminating article from the May 21, 1975 edition of the Montague Observer which describes a fiery meeting of the Whitehall City Council.  The Svensson family had owned the White Lake Villa and Jeanette and Charles Jr. who attended the meeting had built the Windy Cove Campground south of the Whitehall Leather Company.  The couple took the council to task for allowing the tannery a delay in addressing a persistent stench from the tannery’s waste lagoons and in completing a connection to the new county wastewater facility.

The meeting erupted in a heated exchange between council members. Then mayor Richard Cogswell said he accepted the smell as part of the industry’s operations.  Council member Harry Pillinger yelled that he was with the Svensson family and was instructed to keep his voice down.  Read the entire article here and then come back to the blog and provide your feedback.

Is this an issue you are familiar with? If so, let us know your perspective.  What do you think about the Council meeting?

Whitehall Leather Company
Photo credit: Jerry Grady

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